About Us


How we started

Sancus Solutions was established in 2009 by Mick Turner and Tony Hester, former senior police officers in the UK, both with extensive careers in managing high level investigations and serious crimes.

Our ambition was to create a company that focused on developing and delivering practical investigation training for those involved in the criminal justice system, and we are now a dedicated provider of Investigative Skills Training and Investigation & Review Services in the UK.

What we do


We provide a wide range of investigative skills training courses suitable for all levels, delivered by highly qualified sector experienced trainers with practical knowledge of complex investigations. All Sancus courses are designed in consultation with our clients to ensure that the training is personalised to an organisation’s requirements.

Sancus Solutions also deliver investigation and review services across a number of specialist areas and are experts in undertaking Mental Health Homicide and Serious Incident Investigations for NHS England and Domestic Homicide Reviews led by Community Safety Partnerships. We offer a confidential, sensitive and independent approach to investigations, working with trusted investigators who are subject matter professionals, known to us personally and through reputation.


Mission Statement

We bring years of high level Investigation experience across all disciplines to deliver current, high quality accredited Investigative Training and Investigation Services to both public and private sectors.

We aim to be the provider of choice in the UK for Investigation Training and Investigation and Review Services to both public and private sectors.

We believe in: