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Sancus Solutions is a UK-based investigative skills training company, specialises in delivering expert training to a global clientele in both public and private sectors. Our expert trainers offer comprehensive courses tailored to meet the dynamic needs of your business.

With a commitment to flexibility, we are committed to offering adaptable training and learning solutions that seamlessly align with the ever-evolving demands of your enterprise. Our mission is to equip your organisation with the necessary tools and expertise to effectively navigate the intricacies of the modern business environment.

We empower your workforce to stay ahead of the curve and tackle challenges with confidence, ensuring sustained growth and success.


Investigation & Review Services

Our skilled team of leading sector specialist investigators are well-versed in handling challenging and multifaceted cases, showcasing our commitment to delivering thorough and dependable results. At Sancus Solutions, we recognise the significance of a tailored approach, considering the unique intricacies of each situation. This ensures that our clients receive not only accurate outcomes but also a comprehensive understanding of the matters at hand.

Our independence is a cornerstone of our methodology, instilling trust and confidence in our clients. We operate without bias, safeguarding the integrity of our investigations and contributing to the credibility of the findings we present. Sancus Solutions is dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients by consistently delivering exceptional investigative services led by industry-leading specialists.



A really well delivered by both trainers, no easy task having to deliver the entire course online at short notice but they did incredibly well. Both Ian and Ray have buckets of credibility, knowledge and experience which enables them to bring examples to life and enhance the learning experience. Thank you.


Online PSD, Investigations in Professional Standards

Very informative course, the trainer was full conversant with Misconduct and Hearings and his knowledge and experience was a theme throughout. Very good input and support for future hearings


PSD, Police Misconduct Meetings & Hearings

This course could be at least another day if not a full week. It is so practical and informative. There is so much more I want to learn about the topics covered. It was a safe place to speak openly and gain peer support and advice. A thought provoking course that is fit for purpose.


CDAO Two Day Online Training

Very good course, I learnt a number of tools that I will use when conducting investigations that is the right questions to ask and also to ensure I have the scope and the purpose of the investigation before I begin.


Investigating Adverse Incidents in Healthcare

Both trainers were very knowledgeable and were very good at getting the point across. I felt the background information provided by their experiences was fascinating and made the course very interesting. It held everyone’s attention and was one of the most informative and enjoyable courses I have attended.


Family Liaison Support

It was an excellent course and I learnt many things. The areas covered on conducting an investigation, conducting interviews and recording statements among others will prove very useful as I carry out my daily tasks. The practical exercises given helped to reinforce what I had learnt and I enjoyed them immensely.

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Sancus deliver training and review services to public and private organisations both nationally and globally.